Some useful information

What to wear    

Discreet clothing in which you can easily move. Loose long shorts, bike shorts, footless tights and T-shirts are all suitable. Clean bare feet are essential so please leave your footwear on the shelves in the hall.  Bags and other personal items can be left on the shelves provided in the reception area.

What to bring

All equipment, including mats, is provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.

What to eat

It can be quite uncomfortable bending and moving with a tummy full of food, so, it is best not to eat a heavy meal any closer than 3 hours before a class, however, a light snack up to 1 hour before is O.K.

What to drink

Be hydrated before coming to class.  To get the most benefit from your class it is best not to drink during the class. Classes are structured to gradually build internal heat followed by poses which will help cool you down.  Drinking water during class interrupts this process. 

When to arrive                

The studio is generally open 15 minutes before each class. If you are new to the centre or new to yoga please try to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time so that you can discuss any requirements with the teacher.  We understand that there may be times when you will be late; the door is usually unlocked so please try to enter as quietly as possible. If the door is locked you will have to knock.

Where to park

Unlimited parking is available in the public car park across the road from the studio behind the cinema complex. Parking restrictions apply to the streets and shopping centres around the studio and are enforced from time to time.

Medical conditions /Injuries              

Please let the teacher know before the class if you have any physical problems, medical conditions or injuries.  We all get them from time to time and it is very easy to make some modifications to ensure you get the best benefit from your class.

What about my phone 

To avoid unnecessary disruptions to the class please turn your mobile phone off or to silent.

Class Cancellation     

From time to time classes may be cancelled due to special events.  This generally only affects weekend classes due to workshops running over a weekend.  You can find information about cancelled classes and workshops in the news section on the bottom left of each page.